Comes with a choice of sauce.

Cubano $11.75

An undeniable Cuban classic – look no further than the name! Savor this time-honored combination of slow-roasted pork, black forest ham, Swiss cheese, yellow mustard and crisp pickles for an authentic taste of the homeland

Infidel $11.50

Our famous – or should we say infamous – hot-pressed sandwich made with picadillo, shoestring potato, house made pickles and Swiss cheese on fresh-baked Cuban bread

El Pollito $11.50

In the mood for a little chicken? Then our delicious mojo chicken, shoestring potatoes, house made pickles and Swiss cheese sandwich is the perfect choice




Comes on a bed of rice, your choice of sauce, and your choice of black beans, yuca frita, or plantains as a side.

Ropa Vieja $14.00

You may be rocking “old clothes,” but this unique dish is as fresh as they come. Delicately braised prime beef broken down into unctuous tendrils is sure to leave your mouth watering

Picadillo $13.00

You don’t need a medical card to try this hash. A mouthwatering blend of ground chuck and brisket, onion, tomato, olives, capers, wine, and spices will have you riding high

Pollo Con Mojo $13.00

This glorious braised chicken thigh smothered in a saucy blend of garlic, onion and citrus is guaranteed to get your mojo back


The time-honored favorite done right. A healthy helping of mojo-infused slow-roasted pork. They don’t call it the Bay of Pigs for nothin’

Arroz con Pollo $14.00

Juicy, seared chicken thigh sitting atop a bed of saffron rice, infused with bell pepper, onion, and spices. They may not be thick, but if you’re Havana bad day, these thighs could save lives




Wrapped in flaky, savory crust, fried and filled with flavor. Comes with a choice of sauce

Picadillo $3.00  

Filled with our Picadillo

POLLO $3.00  

Filled with Mojo Chicken

Queso $3.00  

Filled with Spiced Mozzarella Cheese


= Signature Dish

= Vegetarian



Vegetarians rejoice! For our veggie-loving friends, enjoy our classic dishes with a meat-free twist using jackfruit as a delicious substitute

Veg. Cubano Sandwich $12.50

Love the Cuban classic, but mind the meat? We’ve got you covered with our delicious jackfruit substitute. Comes with a choice of sauce

Jackfruit Asado $14.00

Jackfruit braised with onion, tomato, yuca, and spices then roasted to perfection. Served with rice, it comes with a choice of side and sauce




As iconic as the cars on the island,
these beloved staples won’t steer you wrong


You know ‘em. You love ‘em. You should order ‘em!

Rice  $3.00

As classic as the cars roaming the streets of Cuba


Hot and crispy – served with your choice of sauce

Platanos $4.75

Just plain—or plantain—delicious. The sweetest of treats from our little island

Queso Pastelito $1.00

Spiced mozzarella blanketed in puff pastry is sure to be the savory snack you didn't know that you were craving.




For a little extra goodness

GITMO  $0.50 per 1oz

Spicy habanero with a hint of smoke — like a fine Cuban cigar

Dulce  $0.50 per 1oz

A sweet yet spiced pineapple guava sauce, infused with a little kick of habanero. This sauce is really the pineapple of our eye

Mojo Aioli $0.50 per 1oz

A crave-able take on your classic mojo, this tangy garlic and cilantro aioli is sure to be your new best friend




Chocolate Tres Leches $4.00

An unctuous cacao sponge cake, soaked in our tres leches, topped with whipped cream and cacao powder - you’ll want to give it 3 thumbs up!


A lovingly prepared pannacotta served with a cinnamon Dulce de Leche, as some things just can’t be beat



Specialty Sodas $3.00

Topo Chico $3.00

Smart Water $3.00