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The oldest of seven siblings, young Julia De La Uz was expected to make dinner for her brothers and sisters while her parents worked late nights. Cooking her mother’s recipes as a girl evolved into her life's passion as Julia kept working to provide comforting, nourishing food for her family. Through cooking, she came to learn and appreciate the primary importance of family and community, not just in Cuba or Florida, but everywhere.

Growing up, our founder, Jess, always knew his abuela had a unique talent for cooking, even before he was big enough to see over the stove! But it wasn't until he moved to the green pastures of Iowa that it dawned on him he was as lost as the immigrants that arrived here in America: he missed the deep sense of comfort and community he felt from the authentic Cuban cooking that surrounded him as a child.

Restless, he called up his abuela and explained how he felt lost without the comfort of her recipes and kitchen. With her guidance and that of his mother, Jess soon opened up his own Cuban restaurant in Cedar Rapids, allowing him to find the community and love he thought he'd lost.

After six successful years of filling people’s hearts—and bellies—with Abuela's authentic recipes in America’s Heartland, Jess knew his job wasn't done. His purpose, he discovered, was to bring this sense of community to people everywhere. So his newest venture, The Lost Cuban, aims to do just that: bring Abuela's cuisine to friends and families all over the country.

Now, Jess and his team are using the trailblazing Virtual Restaurant model to bring the unique flavors and values of Cuba to you—anytime, anywhere. By cooking in kitchen spaces without a traditional dining room and partnering with the growing network of delivery service providers, we get to focus all our energy on making authentic and convenient meals for you and your community to enjoy – wherever you are!

After all, that's why we're here, delivering Cuba, the way Abuela would.


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